Homebuying 101: Give Yourself Some Credit

Buying a home isn’t a leisurely experience. In fact, it’s the largest purchase that most consumers will make in their lifetime, so naturally there’s going to be a large amount of stressful decision making involved. Nothing is more nerve wracking than bringing up the subject of credit. Many would-be homebuyers may decide against owning a home due to bad credit, no credit, or just plain not knowing where their credit stands. Some may be stuck in the oh-so-familiar catch 22 surrounding the topic: “You have to have credit to get credit.” For many potential homeowners, that may be an issue of the past.


A new program offered by Experian could wipe the concern of credit from your list of things to worry about when considering your first venture into real-estate ownership. The program, called Boost America, is allowing consumers the chance to improve their lending score by utilizing bills being paid on time as credit history. All you need to do is allow Experian to look at your bank transactions, see that you’ve paid utility bills, internet bills, or even phone bills in a timely manner, and your score could receive a slight “boost.” Not everyone will receive an increased score, and some lenders do not use Experian as their preferred credit report when checking a potential homebuyer’s creditworthiness. However, for most people, it’s definitely worth taking a look.


If you’re interested in giving the Boost America program a shot, head over to www.Experian.com to get started.