How Good Photography And Staging Can Improve The Sale Of Your Home

Residential Photography Helping Sell Your Apopka Home

Selling your home can be a long and drawn out process without the right tools. What tools are we talking about? For starters, make sure that you have a great and experienced Realtor working with you. Next, any great Realtor will know that you need awesome photos and home staging to get your property on the market and sold quickly! Subpar photos and cluttered homes can really affect how long your property stays on the market.


Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Most people start their research for a new home by turning to the internet! People don’t want to waste their time traveling from property to property. They want to see at a glance everything that your home has to offer. The keyword here is “see.” Buyers don’t want to read about your beautiful home, they want to see it! 


Give your home the best chance it has by putting your best foot forward in the form of amazing pictures. Not simple, dim, and quickly taken photos. You want quality photos that will be worth more than a thousand words. An experienced Realtor will likely hire a professional photographer to capture the beauty of your home. Great photos will draw buyers to click on your ad and hopefully to your front door! You don’t want to spare any expense if you want your home to sell. However, to get those amazing photos, your home should first be staged.


Staging or Redesigning Your Home Is Essential

It has been proven time and time again that homes that are properly staged can be sold faster and at a higher value! Pictures of a beautifully staged home will capture the eyes of buyers, rope in their interest, and bring them to draw up an offer in no time! Contrastingly, professional photos of disorganized homes are unlikely to make a difference in the eyes of homebuyers. You want them to be able to picture themselves in their future home. It’s much harder for them to do that if you show them an unstaged home.


Even clean, organized homes may need the help of redesigning. Moving a few furniture pieces here and there with the help of a professional can help you increase the appeal of your interior design. It may be as little as a hanging a picture somewhere else or buying a small plant for that empty, awkward spot in the kitchen.


Talk to your Realtor about how they can help you with marketing your home! Ask them if they work with home stagers and photographers. These two seemingly small aspects will make all the difference in your real estate journey!


The Michelle Chase Team works in conjunction with Orlando Property Sisters to help stage, redesign, and market your home for optimal selling time. Work with experienced and prestigious realtors to get your home listed, marketed and sold!