How to Improve Your Home’s Value

Every homeowner asks the question of how they can increase their home’s value, so they can sell at the highest price possible. However, increasing space, adding fixtures, redoing floor plans, or other large investments are not always the way to go.


Most homebuyers want the cheapest home in the best neighborhood possible. They want the best “bang for their buck”.  Buyers will want to stay within price range of the neighborhood, but may be willing to spend a little more if your home stands out.


What small and affordable changes can you make to ensure that you get the home value you want?  Here is a short list that can help you get the most out of your sale.


Make A Good First Impression


The first thing that buyers see is the exterior of your home. You want to entice them to enter your home, not simply drive by. Buyers that see an unkempt lawn or faded paint can be hesitant to make a walkthrough appointment. You want to make sure your exterior looks just as well kept as your home.


Make sure your lawn is cut, vibrant green, and free of debris. Consider planting some greenery, adding outdoor furniture, and de-weeding. Finally, a fresh coat of paint might be in order and just the rejuvenation your home needs to feel like new!


Easy Cosmetic Interior Arrangements


Once you have convinced potential homebuyers to see the rest of your home, keep them excited! Organize, clean, and declutter your home. Make sure everything is in place and the house is well kept. A clean, well decorated, and orderly house will show off a home’s potential and it will also portray how responsible you are as an owner.


Responsible owners mean that the home was well taken care of and buyers won’t have to worry about too many fix-ups or internal problems. Furthermore, be sure all systems and appliances are working well. This will be a big point value to your home and help you receive the offer you’re hoping for.


Collaborate with The Professionals


The best thing to do to increase your home’s value is to work with a professional and experienced real estate agent. They can help you get a top price by making your home competitive with superior marketing and even home staging.


Start early and increase your home’s value far before you list it on the market. Additionally, partner with a credible Realtor that works within your community! If you’re looking to sell in the city of Apopka, then contact the Michelle Chase Team. They are part of the Top 100 Real Estate agents and are licensed home stagers who can market and stage your house for maximum value!