How To Prepare The Exterior Of Your Home For An Open House

Do you have an open house coming up? Have you started to prepare for visitors? If the answer is no, then we have some tips as to where you should start!


Making a great first impression for any occasion is always a big deal. During an open house, you can make numerous first impressions and we want to make sure that they are all great!


Prepare Landscaping and Lawn


Of course, the first thing that most potential buyers will notice is the exterior of your home. So be sure that your lawn and landscaping is well kept. Be sure to mow the lawn a day or two before the open house so that it is trimmed and even. Moreover, be sure that you take care of other landscaping needs, like removing dead plants, replacing greenery, and pulling weeds. Finally, be sure to sweep away debris and clean any outdoor furniture or decorations. All of this will combine four an amazing first look!


Don’t Overlook Paint and Cleaning


You don’t have to paint your entire home, but you should consider a fresh coat of paint to the exterior, front door, and any touch ups needed indoors. You want your home to look uniform and in well-kept condition. A little paint can go a long way!


Cleaning and organizing is essential for the interior of your home! People want to feel comfortable, able to picture themselves in the home, and see almost every inch of the home. Cluttered spaces can make the home seem smaller.  Unkempt homes will lead buyers to think they are buying from irresponsible owners. So, be sure that you don’t skip this step if you want to choose from multiple offers!


Take Care Of Leaks Or Repairs


Outdoor or indoor leaks and repairs can be a major negative for buyers. Even simple fixes can lead homebuyers to believe that the work on the house is not worth their time or money. Fix up as much as you personally can before an open house to put your best foot forward!


Have Fluffy Go on A Walk


If you have any pets, then they might need to go on a long walk or visit a friend. You never know if someone with pet allergies wants to tour your home, so you must be prepared! Plus, pets walking around the house or even in cages can be distracting. Your best bet is to have them out of the house during your open house. Also, be sure to vacuum and light some candles to get rid of any pet fur and smells.


Invite A Third Party


After these steps are done, then it’s best to bring a third party in to give you a second opinion. Either bring in an honest friend or ask your Realtor to look around and see anything that you missed. We don’t always notice issues with the familiar!


A Realtor will have the most experience and expertise to let you know what other tasks you should take care of. If you haven’t already partnered with one, it might be best to leave it to the professionals! If you’re looking for an Apopka Realtor, then consider The Michelle Chase Team! Rated one of the Top 100 Realtors, you would definitely be in good hands!